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The Four Best Diaper Brands in Pakistan for Your Child

A child’s early years are all about diaper changes, frequent spit-ups, and lots of laughter. Diapers are a natural part of any baby’s routine and many people need some guidance on how to make the right purchase for the best diaper. From size, to fit to shape, every mom needs to consider a lot of factors before purchasing diapers & pants.

We hope you find the right fit Diapers & Pants for your child so they can stay comfortable with rolling over, playing, and getting the best sleep of their lives. While you worry about the smile on their face, let us manage your nursery stock.
Bebambi proudly offers original Pampers diapers in Pakistan to our esteemed customers, ensuring premium quality and reliability with every purchase. Buy all brands diaper & pants conveniently online from Bebambi, with the added benefit of same-day delivery in Lahore, guaranteed within 60 minutes. Bebambi delivers Pampers diapers in Karachi, Islamabad, and across Pakistan, within 2 to 3 working days.

We have made the ultimate list of the best diaper brands in Pakistan for you and what will keep your baby’s bum fresh and healthy:

  • Pampers

 Pampers are best baby diapers in Pakistan. As a household name, they are worth the spend because they offer high absorbency, soft material to keep skin rash-free and offer many options. Their range of products ensures that parents will have to look for any other baby diaper brand as their child grows.

As a popular brand, stores usually run out of them as soon as they’re stocked. To avoid worrying about these essentials, allow us to deliver your baby’s favorite pampers to your doorstep. You can order the right size and product for your baby from Bebambi. Moreover, Bebambi offers best pampers prices in Pakistan.

  • Canbebe

 Canbebe is another great choice for parents, especially as a budget-friendly brand. Canbebe brand diapers do not contain any perfumes or paraben. You will never have to worry about wetness in your baby’s diapers as they are designed with absorbent technology that equally distributes moisture. This is especially important because when your child starts crawling, their diapers usually start sagging because of moisture.

Canbebe diapers come in different sizes from newborn to toddler, which you can choose depending on the weight of your baby. You can find the entire Canbebe diaper collection and baby wipes on our site and Bebambi app to receive them within sixty minutes of specific delivery in Lahore and also in all over Pakistan.


  • Molfix

 Claiming to be Pakistan’s driest diapers, Molfix is another great brand trusted by Pakistani mothers and fathers. This brand offers both diapers and pants for all weights for infants to toddlers. Their diapers come with indicators for wetness and anti-leakage so, your baby can move freely.

For parents who are looking for diaper pants instead of simple nappies, Molfix is a great option to consider. With their diaper pants, moms and dads can look forward to stress-free changes without making their babies fussy.
Their pants and diapers are claimed to be more pocket-friendly than other competitors whether it is pants or diapers. You can check them out on our online store and order what you feel you and your little one will love. Bebambi offers the best Molfix diaper prices in Pakistan.


  • Care Baby

Care Baby promises comfort for your munchkin and savings for mom and dad. Their diapers and pants come with Elastic Flex which is a stretchable side panel to ensure maximum comfort for your baby. Make sure to read the size chart carefully so your baby is snug, and their diaper doesn’t leak during the day. Bebambi provides premium quality Carebaby diapers in all sizes at the best prices with same-day delivery in Lahore and all other major cities of Pakistan.

Tag along with Bebambi in your parenthood journey.

All of the leading Diaper brands we have recommended above are available on our Bebambi app for you to order. Now, you will never have to worry about searching for your baby’s favorite diapers and wipes. Download our Bebambi app today and let us manage your baby care essentials while you enjoy every moment of parenthood. Because raising a child takes a village and Bebambi is glad to be a part of yours. Bebambi offers a wide selection of top-tier diaper brands, available in all sizes, at affordable prices in Pakistan.

Download our Bebambi app today so you never have to worry about your favorite brands being out of stock and we deliver your little one’s nursery essentials to your doorstep.


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