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Tracking Developmental Milestones to Ensure Your Baby Health
What are Developmental Milestones?

Baby's developmental milestones are a set of skills that your baby learns when they reach a specific age. Child growth stages are the physical and behavioral growth of your baby with time. These developmental milestones are as important to the babies as water to the body. Parents can get an idea about their infant's growth progress by measuring how many developmental milestones they have reached. But of course, not every child shows a similar pattern of growth because of differences in the genetics of children. Some children develop early while others take time. You don’t need to visit your doctor or pediatrician every month because the Bebambi app offers a developmental chart to help figure out your baby’s progress.

Ways To Track Developmental Milestones

Child developmental milestones are very helpful in measuring your child's growth in the early months of his life. Most doctors and pediatricians use a developmental chart to see whether the baby is growing properly or not. With the Bebambi app installed on your phone, you can easily check your baby's growth every month without visiting a doctor. All you need is to look for these milestones.

Social Behavior

Check your baby’s social behavior towards yourself and others. See how your little one reacts to new faces, new places, and even new highs. You can easily determine your baby’s social development by his activities such as playing and communicating with others.

 Language Skills

Most babies start speaking words or phrases at the age of 12 months or before. But during early months, babies start understanding and even making sounds like coo, etc. You can check your baby’s speech skills by making some easy sounds and finding out whether he can understand it or not.

Emotional Skills

Parents can always check their child’s emotional development and stability by inspecting his behavior around other people. See if they are happy or not or show any kind of anger issues or start weeping around new people. All these things help you figure out your baby’s emotional development.

Physical Behavior

Physical development includes fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Gross motor skills are the movement and coordination of the body's large muscles such as the legs and hip muscles, which help in running, sitting, jumping walking, etc.

Fine motor skills are the coordination of the body's small muscles such as hand and arm muscles, which help in picking up food etc. 

At the age of 4 months, fine motor skills are fully developed in infants and at the age of 6 months, babies start crawling and sitting. All these little milestones are properly mentioned in the Bebambi app, so you can easily check your infant’s physical development every month.

Cognitive Behavior

Cognitive development or brain development is a child’s way of thinking and memorizing stuff. Cognition occurs at different stages in the early life of a child. It could happen between 6 to 12 months or from 12 to 18 months of an infant. From the very start, babies start noticing everything around them and try to visualize and memorize things. Scientific research demonstrated that at the age of 3 years, 80% of the development of the brain is done and the child brain is more or less like an adult brain. So, if your infant is showing no interest in different colors, new places, and new toys then you need to see a doctor.

2. Signs of Delay in Development

Some babies show delayed progress in their early life. This delay could be short-term or permanent depending upon different factors.

Sometimes the issue is innate, such as immature birth, some genetic diseases, or some kind of injuries developed during birth. All these are the contributing factors towards late development in infants.

Another important factor that influences a baby’s development is the environment in which the baby is growing. Sometimes the parents are violent, alcoholic, or have drug issues, and they do not give proper attention to child vaccinations in this way the child is not getting a healthy environment while growing up. All these negative traits will go straight to your infant or have a deep lasting effect on his mind throughout his life.

Emotional and Social Signs

You can get an idea about delayed development in your child by monitoring your infant's response toward sound, colors, and other things. If he is not responding well or does not show an interest in what’s going on around him then definitely, he is lacking in achieving his developmental milestones.

 Behavioral Signs

If your infant shows signs of anger, separation anxiety, and constantly crying out loud all the time, then he is a victim of delayed development and needs proper care, attention, and help from some doctor.

Physical Signs

Check your baby’s physical development in the first 12 months and if he does not learn how to sit up at the age of 9 months, start running at the age of 12 months, and does not hold hands and pick up things then surely the coordination of his motor muscles is extremely weak and need to see a doctor.

3.  Role of Parents in Keeping Things on Track

Parents can play a vital role in improving the physical and mental development of their children. There are so many things such as playing, singing, reading, and talking to their children that can help a lot in framing their child's overall growth. 

Another important way is to take your child out to some park or joy land so that he can be in touch with nature and develop his cognitive skills.

Studies showed that it is important to keep your child away from screens whenever possible. Excessive screen time has a negative effect on the overall growth of a child. It could lead to delayed speech, cognitive behavior, and social development.

What can Bebambi offer you

The Bebambi App varnishes all of your concerns and offers a developmental chart that can help monitor the proper growth of your children every month. You can check whether your infant reached his monthly developmental milestones or not. Besides helping out in developmental stages, the Bebambi app is also offering a Vaccination Chart for your infant from birth to 12 years. Moreover, there are so many products of essential baby care which are available on our websites at discounted prices. Always remember a healthy body can keep a healthy mind. If your baby is not getting all the essentials for his proper hygiene, then he will be susceptible to diseases that ultimately harm his brain and body development.





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