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7 Things A New Mom Needs To Know | Bebambi

With the arrival of a baby, life undergoes profound changes, presenting new challenges for parents. From maintaining composure to ensuring the baby's well-being, numerous questions arise, including which diaper brands are best and what formula is ideal. Navigating these changes requires patience, research, and support. In short, being a first-time parent can be overwhelming and it will make you feel nervous and anxious about all the things. Before taking care of your baby, it is important to take care of yourself first. You can’t give anything to your child if you are empty from the inside. Here are some guidelines that every new mom needs to know before embarking on the parenting journey. 

Postpartum Depression

It is common to say that you can’t pour from an empty cup. So, every mom needs to take care of herself if she wants to give proper attention to her baby. Postpartum depression is common in females after pregnancy, but most people are unaware of it. It includes mood swings, difficulty in sleeping, anxiety, and crying sessions. It starts in two or three days after delivery and can last up to weeks. Baby blues make new moms anxious and overwhelmed every time and they can’t focus on the health of their babies. Your family and friends are your biggest support system in this case. But if you feel like you can’t overcome this phase on your own then do consult a doctor and get medical help. Because the early months of your babies are crucial, they deserve your uninterrupted love and attention.

Make Yourself First Priority

One of the most important things is that almost all new moms fail to make themselves a priority. They completely forget about their health while taking care of their child. At last, they find themselves peevish and irritated all the time because they are not getting any space. So, it is important to know that if you are not doing good you can’t take care of your child properly.  Hence, make your mental and physical health a priority.

Take Proper Diet

After pregnancy, every mom needs a proper diet of high protein to recover from the delivery phase. It is important to use a diet that is rich in protein and fats such as fish, cheese, milk, yogurt, and legumes. This food is very essential for postpartum recovery and good health. 

Moreover, breastfeeding moms need every nutrient in excess amounts for the best growth of their child. Research showed that fish oil is very helpful in reducing depression and anxiety in new moms.


Establishing an exercise routine is crucial for new moms, offering numerous benefits including mood enhancement, improved cardiovascular fitness, weight management, and invaluable support in combating depression and anxiety.

Furthermore, incorporating a consistent exercise regimen contributes to better sleep patterns and promotes positive mental well-being for new moms.

Proper Sleep

New parenthood brings exhaustion as babies demand constant attention, leaving little time for rest. Sleep deprivation can result in irritability and persistent disturbances, affecting overall well-being. Balancing care for the newborn with personal needs becomes essential for maintaining mental and physical health during this challenging yet rewarding phase.

Accept Help from Others

As a new parent, navigating through various aspects such as feeding, vaccination schedules, and essential baby care products like diapers and formula milk can feel overwhelming. Don't hesitate to seek guidance from friends or family members to ease your journey into parenthood and gain valuable insights.

You can learn all about these things from an experienced person in your family and friends. Moreover, your doctor is always there to guide you on every step in your parenthood journey.

Do Not Be So Hard on Yourself

When there are good days, there are bad days when you are unwell, or your baby is ill. But do not be so hard on yourself because this too shall pass. Try to reach out to your family and friends in difficult times for help. Being a parent doesn't mean you have to tackle everything alone. It's okay to seek assistance and support from others without feeling ashamed or guilty. Parenthood is a mix of challenges and joys, offering moments of both frustration and fulfillment, but ultimately enriching your life with happiness, tranquility, and laughter.

Let Bebambi be Your Partner in Parenting

The parenthood journey has its ups and downs. It is indeed tough at the start but over time it got easier. In short, every new mom needs to put herself first and take care of her sleep and health. Do not worry Bebambi is here to be with you at every step. Bebambi gives valuable insights to the new moms and tells them how to care take of their mental and physical health. Download the Bebambi app today and get information about parenting and a lot of other stuff.

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