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Why and How to Use Baby Wipes | A Complete Guide

Baby wipes are a basic need for baby care and are parenting essentials. They are not only just used for diaper changes but also indispensable tools for cleaning your baby’s face, hands, and much more. It keeps your baby clean, happy, and comfortable at all times. In this guideline, we will discover how baby wipes are essential, how they should be used, and how to choose the best baby wipes for your baby.

Why Baby Wipes Are Essential

Delicate On Skin: Baby wipes are formulated in such a way that they are delicate and gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin. They are perfect for daily use because they are composed of gentle materials and moderate cleansers that won't irritate or damage your baby's skin.

Easy To Carry: Another important benefit of baby wipes is that they are easy to carry. The packaging of baby wipes is so convenient that they are easy to take around in a diaper bag or purse whenever and wherever you go. 

Multipurpose: Baby wipes are astonishingly versatile and can be used for more than simply changing diapers. From cleaning sticky hands and cheeks to clearing up messes and spills, baby wipes are a fundamental need of parents. 

Hypoallergenic: Since many baby wipes that are available in the market are hypoallergenic, they can be used on babies who have allergies or sensitive skin. These baby wipes are devoid of any strong chemicals and fragrances, which is why they reduce the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritation. 

What are Baby Wipes Used for?

Baby wipes have a variety of purposes and some of them are mentioned below, 

  1. Diaper Changes

The most common purpose of baby wipes is to use them during diaper changes. They help clean your baby’s bottom properly and provide prevention against harmful bacteria and germs. Moreover, they give your baby a fresh start for the next diaper. 

  1. Cleaning Hands and Face

When your baby gets filthy during playing or after meals, baby wipes come in helpful for cleaning their hands and face. They provide an easy-to-use and speedy way to keep your child clean while they're out and about.

  1. General Cleaning

In case of sudden spills, and sticky fingers, baby wipes are ideal for fast clean-up around the house or when you are outside. 

  1. Substitute For Bathing

Baby wipes are the best alternative when your baby is sick, and you cannot give him/her a proper bath. They are the fastest way to freshen up your baby. 

  1. Travel Essential

Baby wipes are also travel essential when you are traveling with your baby. They are best for taking care of sudden spills, messes, dirt, and of course in changing diapers. 

How to Choose the Best Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are very essential for newborns and care should be taken while choosing the best baby wipes for your baby. It is because your baby’s skin is delicate and deserves the best material to clean up. Here are some tips you can follow while choosing the best baby wipes, 

  • Composed Of Plant-based Material 
  • While choosing the best baby wipes always go for wipes with a plant-based composition. Plant-based baby wipes are incredibly soft and mild, making them ideal for a baby's sensitive skin. 

  • Dermatologically-tested
  • Before buying make sure that the items have undergone dermatological testing and are safe for your child. Moreover, they should not cause any kind of reaction or irritation to the baby’s delicate skin. 

  • Completely Biodegradable
  • The best baby wipes are biodegradable and can be broken down into the environment without leaving any kind of toxins. So, choose a completely biodegradable product so that it can also help the environment. 

  • Toxin-free
  • Always go for products devoid of any pollutants, including silicones, sulfates, mineral oil, and hazardous compounds. These dangerous pollutants can injure your child's skin, resulting in allergies and rashes. 

  • Infused with Natural Ingredients
  • Always look for baby wipes that have the benefits of natural substances blended into them. Baby wipes made of natural materials soothe and moisturize skin without triggering allergies.

    How To Use Baby Wipes Safely?

    Here are some tips that will help you use baby wipes safely on your newborn, 

    • For your baby’s hands and face, always use alcohol-free, fragrance-free wet wipes.
    • In case of diaper changes, the first step is to lift your baby’s legs to gain access to the diaper area. 
    • Next, clean your baby's bottom from front to back to stop any infections from spreading.
    • After that, fold up your used wipes and throw them in the trash.  
    • Apply a baby cream after each diaper change on the baby's bottom. So that, if your wipes contain any toxic chemicals, a high-quality cream serves as a barrier to shield the baby's skin from infection.
    • Finally, wash your hands following a diaper change.
    • Using organic, water-based, or chemical-free baby wipes can help your child's skin stay problem-free, according to dermatologists.

    Hence, baby wipes offer assistance, and versatility, and are parenting essential. These multipurpose wipes can be used for anything from changing diapers to cleaning the home. Every parent should always have these on hand. Once you select the best wipes and integrate them into your daily regimen, you'll question how you lived without them.

    What Bebambi Can Offer You

    If you are a first-time mom and worried about your baby’s delicate skin then do not worry because Bebambi is here to help you out on every step. Bebambi offers a wide range of the best baby wipes including Canbebe, Carebaby, Molfix, and Pampers wipes. Now you do not have to worry about going from store to store to find the baby wipes that suit your baby’s skin. Just download our app or order from our website and get your baby care essentials in just 60 minutes at your doorstep. 

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