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Essential newborn care | Guide for first-time parents

Newborn care is a journey that is filled with love, laughter, and sometimes a few restless nights. From learning how to choose between breastfeeding and formula to when to ask for help from others, these newborn care guidelines are here to help you out at every step. Taking care of the newborn at home is thrilling but at the same time, it is overwhelming. But do not worry you are not alone in this journey. Bebambi is here to guide you on every step. Instead of fretting, embrace each precious moment and milestone with joy.

  1. How to Feed Your Baby

One of the essential steps of newborn care is to feed your baby at the right time. It is important to know the schedule and needs of your baby while feeding. Mostly it is recommended to feed on demand in the early days when the baby is establishing a feeding routine. 

Additionally, babies usually need to be fed every 2 to 3 hours, so it's crucial to watch for hunger cues. If your baby sucks on their hands or cries, these are common signs that he/she is hungry and it's feeding time.

  1. Choose Between Breastfeeding and Formula Milk

The biggest decision you'll make as a new parent is whether to breastfeed or use formula milk. It's all up to you. If you're healthy and able to give your baby all the vital nutrients they need, breastfeeding could be the way to go. But if you are suffering from some kind of disease or are unable to fulfill the nutritional requirements of your child then you should opt for formula milk.

When it comes to nutrition, breastfeeding should be your top pick. Mother's milk is packed with easily digestible nutrients and antibodies, which can help your baby, ward off bacteria and viruses. At the same time, there are a variety of infant formulas available in Pakistan that have all the nutrients required for the proper growth and development of your baby. 

  1. How to Use Formula Milk

If a new mother finds it difficult to meet her newborn's nutritional needs, formula milk is a great alternative. It's designed to provide all the essential nutrients needed for proper growth and development, serving as a substitute for breast milk. There are a few steps and precautions that every new mom must follow while preparing formula, 

  • Always wash your hands before and after preparing the formula.
  • Always use sterile feeding bottles.
  • Read the instructions on the container before preparing.
  • Always mix the exact proportion of the formula and water.
  • Always add the exact scoops of formula, do not add less or more.
  1. How to Hold Your Baby in the Correct Way

Many new parents feel nervous about holding their newborns because they seem so delicate and soft. Here are some tips for first-time parents on how to hold their baby correctly,

  • Always wash your hands before holding your baby because newborns have weak immune systems and are easily susceptible to diseases. That’s why make sure everybody who holds your baby has clean hands.
  • Always support the neck and head of your baby because they are way more sensitive than any other body parts. Either use your arm or hand to support the head or neck of your baby while holding. 
  • Never shake your baby's head while holding, it can cause internal bleeding in the brain and sometimes lead to death.
  1. How to Bond with Your Baby

Bonding with your newborn is essential and happens in the early few hours or days after birth. This physical closeness lays the foundation for a strong emotional bond with your baby. You can strengthen this bond by gently stroking your newborn or cradling them in your arms. Skin-to-skin contact is also a wonderful way to connect deeply with your little one.

In this method, you place your child on your chest, which helps soothing and calming your baby while crying. Moreover, it is a good technique to regulate the heartbeat of your child. 

  1. How to Soothe Your Baby

Calming a crying baby can be tough for new parents. Luckily, several techniques can help soothe your little one, like swaddling them snugly or making gentle, soothing noises. Babies always love sounds such as cooing, singing, and babbling. So, whenever your baby is crying try to soothe him/her with swaddling or making some funny noises. This will help your baby learn new things, develop, and bond with you.  

  1. What is the Diapering Routine

Bringing a baby into the world brings lots of cuddles and laughter, but it also means diving into the diapering routine. According to experts, you need to change the diaper of your baby every 2 to 3 hours to prevent diaper rashes. Besides that, being a first-time mom, a lot of questions come into your mind such as what the best diaper brands in Pakistan are, how often do I have to change it, how to protect my baby from diaper rashes, and what kind of rash creams should be used. All these things can make you frustrated and in the early few months, you have to change your baby’s diaper every 2 to 3 hours to keep him healthy and away from diseases. 

  1. How to Prevent Diaper Rash

Diaper rashes are the inflammatory reactions shown by the skin of babies against the chemicals and prolonged wetness in the form of urine and poop. Diaper rash often occurs when the diaper stays wet for too long without being changed promptly. This mild disease can be treated in 2 to 3 days with proper care and precautions. To prevent diaper rash, 

  • It is important to use high-quality diapers and pants. 
  • Change the diaper frequently.
  • Use warm water to clean the buttocks area of your baby.
  • Always dry the skin with baby wipes.
  • Fasten the diaper loosely and make sure of airflow. 
  • Use zinc oxide creams to prevent diaper rash. 
  1. What is Sleeping Routine

Each baby has a unique sleep-wake cycle. Babies aren't born knowing when to sleep or wake up; they develop these patterns over time as they grow and learn. Some babies sleep throughout the day, and some at night. So do not worry about your baby’s sleeping pattern because it is normal in newborns. As a baby’s stomach is small it needs to be fed every 2 to 3 hours so your sleep will get disturbed often. But again, do not get panicked because in two to three months your baby starts sleeping at night and it will be a little easier for you. 

  1. Pediatrician Visit

Visit your pediatrician often to ensure that your baby is developing and growing well. If you observe any kind of abnormal behaviors or symptoms then immediately ask your doctor. Furthermore, new moms often stress about shopping for baby care essentials. But fret not, because Bebambi is here to be your parenting partner, providing all the essentials you need with ease.

 Bebambi offers a wide range of baby care essentials from top-notch brands at discounted prices. From diapers, pants, baby wipes, and formula milk, to rash creams, everything is available at the Bebambi store. Download our app so you never have to worry about your favorite brand running out of stock. Let Bebambi be a partner in parenting while you enjoy every little moment of parenthood. 



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