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Baby Developmental Milestones: Child First Year (0-12months)
Developmental milestones for the first year

Welcoming a new member to the family is undoubtedly an exhilarating experience. Every tiny milestone that your baby achieves makes you incredibly proud and happy. Each milestone on their path of development and discovery, from those initial tentative steps to the adorable babble, represents a major advancement. Knowing these developmental milestones will help you monitor your baby's progress and ensure you give them the support and encouragement they need along the road. Together, we will explore the significant turning points your baby will experience during their first year of life. 

1-3 Months: Exploring the New World

The first three months are a period of profound adjustment for both you and your baby. As they adapt to life outside the womb, you'll witness a remarkable transformation unfold before your eyes. Your baby starts showing some skills which can be, 

  • Pay attention to things and people’s faces.
  • Bring their hands near their faces.
  • Focus their eyes on objects 8-12 inches away.
  • React to familiar sounds and voices.
  • Turn their head from side to side while lying on their back.
  • Smile when you smile and talk to them.

When your baby is three months old, you’ll notice some other things as well,

  • Try to hold and grab onto the things
  • Kick and stretch while lying on the back
  • Put their hands into the mouth
  • Try to push down the wall with their feet
  • Try to focus on objects that are 12 inches farther
  • Start using vowel sounds like gurgle and coo
  • Suck on their fingers or hands.
3-6 Months: The Journey of Discovery

As your baby enters the next phase of their development, they'll become more curious and engaged with their surroundings. Exciting discoveries and rapid progress mark these months. Your baby is no longer a newborn and his/her movements now will have more purpose and the speech abilities will develop. Some of the distinctive milestones that your baby achieved during 3 to 6 months are, 

  • Try to copy sounds they hear
  • Smile when somebody talks to them
  • Use different crying tones to express different feelings such as hunger, happiness, and pain
  • Try to copy expressions of the others
  • Try to reach for toys with one hand
  • Try to roll from tummy to back to maintain control of the head
  • Try to talk back when somebody says something
  • Try to push up on their elbows and forearms 

When babies reach the midway of their first-year milestones they should also be able to, 

  • Recognize familiar and unfamiliar people.
  • Look at themselves in the mirror with interest
  • Play interactively with parents.
  • Respond to their names
  • Pass a toy from one hand to the other
  • Close their mouth when they do not want to eat
6-9 Months: Building Strength and Independence

As your kid grows, they get steadier. Some babies learn to sit up on their own and use their hands to pick up and move objects between the ages of 7 and 9 months. Some even walk by after nine months. By the time they are 7 months old, babies can see different colors properly.

 By the end of nine months, babies can,

  • Cling to you around strangers.
  • Show preferences for certain things.
  • Recognize their name and others'.
  • Understand the word “no.”
  • Start crawling.
  • Lift their arms to be picked up.
  • Stand while holding on to something.
  • Sit on their own.
  • Play different games.
  • Put things in their mouths.
  • Make sounds like “mama” or “baba.”
  • Display different facial expressions to demonstrate emotions.
9-12 Months: The Road to Toddlerhood

Your baby will experience incredible social, cognitive, and physical growth as they get closer to turning one, preparing them for their transition to toddlerhood. By this stage, babies will:

  • Bring a book to read or a toy to play with.
  • Notice your absence and react to it.
  • Draw your attention with sounds or motion.
  • "Assist" in dressing by inserting their arms and legs through clothes.
  • Use gestures to express things (such as "no" and "goodbye").
  • Say a few basic words, such as "Mama" or "uh-oh."
  • Imitate what you say.
  • Follow simple instructions.
  • Drink from a cup.
  • Use their thumb and forefinger to grasp small items, like food, to place in their mouths.

Remember, every baby develops at their own pace. While these milestones provide a broad picture of what to look forward to in your baby's first year, it's important to cherish the unique path of learning and development that unfolds before you. Cherish every moment and enjoy the joy of watching your child grow from a tiny infant to a curious, confident toddler.

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